Hail of Bullets

Technical death metal, melodic death metal, blackened death metal ...
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Re: Hail of Bullets

Příspěvek od Geryon » čtv 03. dub 2014 16:54:37

Ale jo má ten nový album niečo do seba. Ale podla mna nieje lepsí ako tie predtým.
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Re: Hail of Bullets

Příspěvek od Ensom » pon 30. lis 2015 12:18:08

Martin van Drunen skončil v HoB :-(

BREAKING NEWS: Hail Of Bullets part ways with singer Martin van Drunen
We are sorry to announce that Martin van Drunen is no longer part of Hail Of Bullets. On a personal level it’s no longer possible for us to continue the cooperation with Martin.
Unfortunately this means we have to cancel all upcoming shows until further notice.
This does not mean the end of Hail Of Bullets. The main reason for starting this band 8 years ago was our mutual love for real Death Metal and to have fun playing our favourite kind of music and we did not want to lose this ‘fun part’. We acknowledge the fact that Martin’s a good singer with a distinctive voice but he’s not the only great singer on this planet. For the record, there's no hate or anger here, but this simply wasn't working out anymore.
We wish him all the best in his future career. To be continued…
Stephan, Paul, Ed, Theo


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